Scholarship Guidelines

Nairobi College Board (NCFB)
Scholarship Guidelines


Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be a graduating 12th grade student with some affiliation to Nairobi College or the Nairobi Community;
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA;
  • Must have demonstrated academic potential for success in college;
  • Accepted and enrolled at an accredited, degree-granting higher education institution (public or private) (preferably an HBCU);
  • Demonstrated financial need through proof of a submitted FAFSA by providing a copy of their Student Aid Report (SAR);
  • Must submit complete Scholarship Application Form, including unofficial transcript with cumulative GPA, personal statement, and letter of recommendation; and
  • Must be willing to participate in follow-up activities (e.g phone interviews) after high school graduation and during their first year of college.

Goal and Objectives of the Proposed Activity

The NCFB intends to allocate scholarships to support college-bound financially disadvantage graduating seniors. Award amounts may vary depending on the funds available and number of eligible applicants. Scholarships will be awarded as follows:


Scholarships to students attending accredited, degree-granting four year or two-year institutions (public or private); award amounts may vary depending on student’s financial need and educational costs related to the student’s college or university.

Plans for the Operation and Management of the Proposed Activity

  • NCFB will provide general oversight and management of the scholarship program.
  • NCFB will track scholarship applications and record student information, including personal history and academic background.
  • Scholarship application forms will include survey questions assessing students’ knowledge about costs of education, financial aid, college plans and options for financing their education.
  • Financial administration of the scholarship program will be managed by NCFB. Students are required to submit enrollment verification from their college or university prior to receiving their award.